Rent seismographs, geophones, and accelerometers for monitoring ground vibration at is for individuals

who want to find vibration monitoring equipment for rapid ground movement or ground vibration. Blasting vibration and ground vibration are created when the earth is impacted. Most movement is far too small in amplitude for the general public to worry about. However, earthquakes, geologic events, blasting, construction demolition, manufacturing, and dynamic soil compaction create ground vibration, noise, and sometimes air blasts or air overpressure.

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The effects are usually the greatest when close or near-field to the event. Unlike man made vibrations that can create far-field events that are located 100’s or 1000’s of feet away, earthquakes release large amounts of energy that can be felt hundreds of miles away. Vibration monitoring with a seismograph and microphone near the source (near-field) not only assists with determining the potential for damage it often assists engineers, geophysicists, geologist, and mine operators with fine tuning blasting techniques, compaction methods, and manufacturing equipment (minimize structural damage of continuous and repeated motion). Large amplitude particle movement caused by earthquake activity is often measured using a permanently mounted seismograph. Much smaller more portable seismographs that are programmable and sometimes equipped with real time telecommunications fall in a category of vibration monitoring equipment. While the seismograph records the data, other equipment is required. One needs geophones or accelerometers, microphones, and spikes or mounting hardware. Geophones and accelerometers measure ground vibration. Geophones are often categorized into two different versions. 2 to 250 Hz agrees with the ISEE standard and 1 to 315 Hz or 1 to 80 Hz agrees with the DIN version. Accelerometers are often specified by the degree of acceleration (0.5, 5, or 500 g’s) and the frequency range( e.g. 0.5 to 500 Hz or 1 to 3000 Hz).  Microphones measure variations in air pressure. Geophones or accelerometers can be planted in to the earth using spikes or fastened to structures with mounting hardware. suggests trying Instantel®’s Minimate Plus™ seismograph vibration monitor for measuring particle motion and Instantel®’s Blastware® for processing, analyzing, and reporting acquired ground vibration, noise, and air blast data. The manufacture points out that the Minimate Plus™ “vibration monitor offers unrivalled features and versatility in a small, rugged and easy-to-use package. The system is portable so it is ideal for short term monitoring applications. It is also flexible enough to be easily integrated into permanent remote monitor stations using auxiliary power and wired or wireless telemetry.” Instantel® also assures us that  “Blastware® software, the Windows® software companion to your Instantel seismographs, offers powerful, easy-to-use features, for event management, compliance reporting and advanced data analysis – including Signature Hole Analysis.”